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Gene Stecher #1

Nazareth knows I'm just another guy,
Go on, head for the other villages out there,
Stay where you find a welcoming table.
Its demons and diseases vs. comradarie.

Does a transcendental zap come with the package?

Staff, no staff -- It does make a difference!
Sandles, no sandles -- It does make a difference!
Would you rather live with tired feet,
or be dead with bleeding feet. Other options?

Announce the kingdom's presence among us,
Go away psychosomatic demon, food is wages.
Years later, a lot of dusty foot-shaking!
Can shouts of 'repent' result in much else?
What ever happened to learning responsibility
from parables?

Gene Stecher, #2


Surprising generosity emerging from
the recruiter,
the father,
the friend,
the debt-holder,
the enemy camp.

A new look at giving without return from

Surprising generosity emerging from
unemployed managers,
godless inhumane judges,
and unexpectedly dead farmers.

A new look
at relating
to oneself!

Surprising generosity emerging from
an alternative dimension,
dependable natural processes,
and dependable social processes.
A new look at trusting the creation
for the destitute,
for the mass of humanity,
for those enjoying riches!

Surprising generosity emerging from
the assault victim,
white-collar crime victim,
the forced labor victim,
the victim of accusation,
the victim of lack of love.

A new look at overcoming the enemy by
endangering oneself,
offering oneself in total,
investing time and energy,
knowing how to make a deal,
loving those who don't love you!

Red/Pink Sources in order of appearance:

Vineyard Laborers (Mt 20:1-15)
Prodigal Son (Lk 15:11-32)
Friend at Midnight (Lk 11:5-8)
Unforgiving Slave (Mt 18:22-34)
Forgiveness for Forgiveness (Lk 6:37c)
Lord's Prayer: debts (Mt 6:12)
The Samaritan (Lk 10:30-35)
Shrewd Manager (Lk 16:1-8a)
Corrupt Judge (Lk 18:2-5)
Rich Farmer (Thom 63:1-6)
Congratulations Poor (Lk 6:20)
Good gifts (Mt 7:9-11)
The Sower (Mk 4:3-8)
Have and Have Not (Thom 41:1-2)
Other Cheek (Mt 5:39)
Coat and Shirt (Mt 5:40)
Second Mile (Mt 5:41)
Before the Judge (Lk 12:58-59)
Love of Enemies (Lk 6:27b)
Better than Sinners (Lk 6:32)

Gene Stecher
Chambersburg, Pa.