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John Dominic Crossan

Crossan understands the core saying as deriving from Jesus, but addressed in the first instance to his followers as the ones in and through whom the world's light would be made available to others. As such he relates it to several other sayings about the "open secret:"

The complex 036 Lamp and Bushel [1/3] makes the same case but with more limited and less rhapsodic metaphor. The complexes 078 The Mountain City [1/2] and 079 Open Proclamation [1/2] speak the same vision. The missionaries have a message that is neither private nor clandestine, neither hidden nor occult, neither secret nor mysterious. Historical Jesus, 349

Jesus Seminar

The Seminar voting on texts associated with this item was as follows:

  • Thom 24:3
  • Matt 5:14a
  • John 8:12
  • John 12:35-36

Gerd Luedemann

Luedemann [Jesus], (137) accepts the form of the saying in Matt 5:14a as authentic, but considers the form in which it occurs in John 8:12 "unthinkable in the mouth of the historical Jesus" [p. 485]. While he accepts John 8:12 was taken from the tradition available to the evangelist, Luedemann [p. 495] points to the evangelist's hand in the wider use of this idea in John (1:4-9; 3:19-21; 9:5; 12:35-36). Thom 24:3 is considered inauthentic [p. 602].