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WARNING: Some may find the imagery, content, and musical choice for this poem to be flippant and/or offensive. The author's intent is to convery a serious holistic message. The focus here is Jesus' appearances to the disciples and Thomas in John 20. - Gene

Sung to the Hokey Pokey [1]

Beginning with the hands:

You put your right finger in
You take your right finger out
You put your right finger in
And you move it all about

You do the bloody dippy
And you turn yourself around
That's what it's all about.

And now on to the feet:

You put your right toe in
You take your right toe out
You put your right toe in
And you move it all about

You do the bloody dippy
and you turn yourself around,
That's what it's all about.

And now up to the side:

You put your whole hand in
You take your whole hand out
You put your whole hand in
And you move it all about

You do the bloody dippy
and you turn yourself around
That's what it's all about.

Now "Jesus came and stood in front of them.....
Then he showed them his hands and his side."
But they didn't do the bloody dippy.

"Look and touch" he says to Thomas.
And Thomas did the bloody dippy.
"Do you believe because you have seen me?"

"But I didn't just see, I did the bloody dippy."

I mean, what kind of hypocritical crap is that?
The others get the big HS because their motto
was, "look, but don't do the bloody dippy." [2]

Like Doubter Thomas, if I get a chance to see,
I'm going to poke in my fingers, toes, and whole
hand for sure, I'm going to live the experience. [3]

Is it any wonder the HS has been so ineffectual?
See-don't-touch is only living half-way,
and the get-your-hands-bloody guy was shut out! [4]

John gets "A" for staging, "F" for spirit conveying.
And he even did it that way knowing all along that
the Word was bloody flesh! Don't that beat all! [5]

Now Mark, he knew the experience with HJ
was not half-way, but transforming vision and a
tight grip on the blood dripping cross full of HS. [6]

[1] Words and music [1]
Written By: Roland Lawrence LaPrise, concocted the song along with two fellow musicians in the late 1940s for the ski crowd in Sun Valley, Idaho. The group, the Ram Trio, recorded the song in 1949. In 1953, bandleader Ray Anthony bought the rights and recorded The Hokey Pokey on the B-side of another novelty record, The Bunny Hop. After the Ram Trio disbanded in the 1960s, country star Roy Acuff's publishing company bought the rights to The Hokey Pokey. Copyright 1950, Acuff-Rose Music Inc.

[2] Jn 20:22 "Here's some holy spirit. Take it." BLACK

[3] Jn 20:24-29 BLACK. From AOJ, p. 488, "When Thomas blurts out, "My Master! My God!" in v. 28 we have evidence that this tradition developed very late: in the earlier strata of the NT Jesus is never referred to as God. He says to Mary in 20:17, "I'm going back to my Father and your Father--to my God and your God..."

[4] Well, not completely shut out. From AOJ, p. 487-88, "Various documents were ascribed to Thomas. The Gospel of Thomas, nonknown in a recently discovered Coptic text, in addition to three Greek fragments; (begins with) a claim that its author is Didymos Judas Thomas, the twin brother of Jesus. (There is also) the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, a work that circulated in the second century; the Acts of Thomas, a third-century composition; and the Apocalypse of Thomas, which dates to the fourth century C.E. The apostle Thomas is supposed to have carried the gospel to the Parthians and eventually to India, where he is alleged to have founded the Mar Thoma Church; according to tradition, he was martyred there. His name is also associated with Syrian Christianity, which is centered in Edessa; the bones of Thomas were said to have been removed from India to Edessa at the end of the 4th century C.E."

[5] Jn 1:14 "The word became flesh..." (NRSV) BLACK

[6] Mk 9:2 "He was transformed in front of the them (SV) BLACK Mk 8:34 "Those who want to come....pick up their cross (SV) BLACK Mk 13:11"...it is not you who are speaking but the holy spirit." (SV) BLACK

Gene Stecher
Chambersburg, Pa.