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Gene Stecher, #1

Indirect admission
to being the Judean King,
probably not such a wise move?

Jewish insurrectionism
was popular, and Jesus
didn't fit the mold. Crucify him!

The soldiers had a
little fun mocking,
stripping, dressing,
spitting, and striking the king,
twisting on his crown of thorns.

On the way to Golgatha
they conscripted Simon, you
know, Alexander"s and Rufus' dad.

He was crucified around 9AM,
a bandit on the left and on the right,
the inscription read "Judean King."

Many threw taunts at him:
destroying and building a temple,
three days? He can't even save himself.

The sky turned dark, and
by 3PM Jesus was screaming
that God had abandoned him;
and though expected by some,
Elijah did not make a showing.

Jesus' screams finally ceased.
The holy of holies was opened to all.
The nations had access to the son of God.

Caesar met his match
in this embodiment of
his non-violent polar opposite.
Women who had followed Jesus

and provided for him during his itinerancy
observed the world change from a distance.


Gene Stecher
Chambersburg, Pa.

Gene Stecher, #2

One hangs on to life, one loses it,
would you believe bed partners,
even partners in making pizza.

The vultures know where to find
foolish investors in secure delusions
and associated fraudulent kingdoms.

Scattered across the earth
the vultures pick at dead bones,
blind to the son of Adam alternative.


Gene Stecher
Chambersburg, Pa.