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Jesus Seminar

The following statements were voted RED:

  • The genealogies of Jesus are legitimating fictions.

The following statements were voted PINK:

  • There was a census of Jews while Quirinius was governor of Syria.

The following statements were voted GRAY:

  • Jesus was of davidic descent.
  • Jesus was descended from David.

The following statements/texts were voted BLACK:

  • After Jesus was born, magi guided by a star or some other astral phenomenon sought and visited him.
  • Jesus was born during a universal Roman census.
  • Luke 20:41b-44
  • Mark 12:35b-37a
  • Matt 22:43b-45
  • Barn 12:10b, 11b
  • Matt 22:42
  • Matt 9:27-31

Gerd Lüdemann

Luedemann [Jesus, 280f] finds the genealogies in both Matthew and Luke to be theological creations with no historical basis. In similar vein he finds no historical value in the dispute over the davidic lineage of the Messiah (Mark 12:35-37 and parallels), finding it instead to be the product of "a learned scribal" effort to demonstrate that Jesus is "more than son of David, namely son of God." [Jesus, 87]

John P. Meier

Meier [Marginal Jew] (I,216-219) notes that the "affirmation of Jesus' descent from David might easily be placed alongside his birth at Bethlehem as a theologoumenon (a theological insight narrated as a historical event) if it were not for the fact that numerous and diverse streams of NT tradition also affirm Jesus' Davidic lineage." Meier suggests that the belief that Jesus was "son of David" may have been held by Jesus' followers prior to his death, with his resurrection then being understood as a form of enthronement. However, he notes that such messianic views, whatever their provenance, cannot prove Jesus was "literally, biologically of Davidic stock."