067 Hidden since Eternity

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(1) 1Cor 2:7
(2) Matt 13:35

Crossan analysis

Item: 067
Stratum: I (30-60 CE)
Attestation: Double
Historicity: -


(1) 1 Cor 2:7

Yet among the mature we do speak of wisdom, though it is not a wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age, who are doomed to perish. 7 But we speak of God's wisdom, secret and hidden, which God decreed before the ages for our glory. 2:8 None of the rulers of this age understood this; for if they had they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.

ἀλλὰ λαλοῦμεν θεοῦ σοφίαν ἐν μυστηρίῳ τὴν ἀποκεκρυμμένην, ἣν προώρισεν ὁ θεὸς πρὸ τῶν αἰώνων εἰς δόξαν ἡμῶν, (1 Corinthians 2:7 GNT-T)

(2) Matt 13:35

Jesus told the crowds all these things in parables; without a parable he told them nothing. 13:35 This was to fulfill what had been spoken through the prophet: "I will open my mouth to speak in parables; I will proclaim what has been hidden from the foundation of the world."

ὅπως πληρωθῇ τὸ ῥηθὲν διὰ τοῦ προφήτου λέγοντος· ἀνοίξω ἐν παραβολαῖς τὸ στόμα μου, ἐρεύξομαι κεκρυμμένα ἀπὸ καταβολῆς [κόσμου]. (Matthew 13:35 GNT-T)